Monday, 9 December 2013

Caught out? Take the easy way out, "white" lie!

Recently working with one of my students on her summarised version of a literature novel, I came across this argument; “is lying wrong?” Coincidentally, this had to do with the characters who either die with the truth out or live on with the lies. But do we face such situations in our non-fictional lives? Surely not… or am I wrong?

Every day we live through our daily lives lying in and out. A bucket fundraiser passes us, we are too lazy to go into our bags, purses or pockets for a little change so we say “sorry! no change” and move along onto the next lie.

Next, those with partners who unknowingly (or knowingly) flirt with others verbally or even physically then when asked “sweetheart, are you sincere to me”, and the automatic responses follows and this is where we helplessly use “white” lie to help us out. Is that considered as a “white” lie?

There are far more issues that we lie about-sometimes just to fit in for example “I was out all night, you know living it up” (reality, you were in bed; big, loose and comfy pyjamas, hot drinks, a soppy movie that pretty much sums it up) but are these truly serious lies? “I’m sure others lie much worse than I do” that’s what you are perhaps thinking, - I mean I do too- or “everyone does it so what?” However that “white lie” does not need to be used at all if the wrong/damage weren’t done in the first place. Why should you be embarrassed of your soppy movies and pyjamas nights? – I love them; they are cool in fact the coolest!

 Every time I’m about to make use of “white” lie, I think of the reasons and it is ALWAYS because I’ve messed up somewhere along and now I’m not courageous enough, I’m not brave enough or I’m not strong to face the consequences consequently I pick the easy way and lie my way out like digging myself out of a hole, which results in creating a much deeper hole (obviously), and later use “white” lie to justify.

Again back to the main question “is lying wrong?” I believe it is an easy way out for the cowards, other may disagree but “honestly” answer this question, I’m sure the response is already there and we all know what it is. I live in a modern society where the most outrageous, despicable and dreadful crimes is punished by only 25 years (life sentence)in prison- not death!- so what is the worst that can happen to you if you opt for the truth? Therefore I’m sure most of the times these little “white” lies could be evadible by simply mustering the courage to bear the consequences and tell the truth!

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