Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Your eyes are your oyster!

I've been asked by many, how do I pick a topic on what to write about? The answer is simple... 

Every day our eyes meet thousands of different views; small or big details, humans, animals, images and a lot more. I am a hundred per cent sure all of these have some sort of effect on how you feel throughout the day or night. How? It simple. For example, humans; you see your loved ones, how do you feel? Love right? Now if you were to be heart broken and unfortunately your eyes fall onto something which reminds you of that someone, or even if you happen to bump into them, how does that make you feel? (worst feeling ever! -I'd crawl back into my shell and hibernate)

Now, during morning journeys to work, school or wherever we tend to keep ourselves occupied (or just sleep!) and living in the 21st century where the generation of technology is expanding, we turn to our gadgets such as; phones, tabs etc. Then from there we tune into the world of social media, which is pretty limitless. Shocking news around the world, juicy gossips about our famous celebs, embarrassing pictures spreading vastly, hilariously vine videos with that cute little dog doing that funny little thing... It's all there in the palm of your hands!

We fail to realise how little we pay attention on those who inspire and alter our thinking. Surround yourself with all the goodness you want and voila! -you have it all! It's that simple! Your mind cannot be driven, but you can sketch out a map right away and watch it go.

As for myself, my inspirations are my eyes. Through these eyes, my world lives on.



  1. Good point Shameema! Observe and prosper. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging - i'm pretty new myself. Sometimes when I get writers block, this is exactly what I do to find inspiration - look around me. Something so simple we forget sometimes. Happy blogging.