Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Failure only fails those who fail at failing!

 Is that confusing? Or am I just putting words together which makes no sense what so ever?

Re-read the first line again, perhaps it will become clearer now. Failure is not the end, I like to believe without big or small failures; none of us would be pushing and pulling ourselves through our lives, problems and dreams. For example, if a student sitting their first year exams of college and the results to those,sort of, terribly failed them. What would this do to the student? A few tears, couple drops of disappointment but also that adds to that rising desire to challenge themselves and push them to work their hardest; we all know the outcome of prodigious, hard and dedicated work  and that  to results to great success.

To most of my people, I come across as so organised and well maintained but the bold reality, I’m always failing. At almost anything and everything! However, due to my not-so-big ego, I do not share my failures therefore I only allow my success to seen by others. Otherwise, oh my! I disappoint myself in the littlest things. For instance, I promise myself every morning  that I would shut myself down by 11pm(deep sleep, eyes shut and brain switched off) however, I think I’m not the only one here, somehow EVERY night I fail to this simple promise to myself and I actually to go sleep in the early hours of the morning. Funnily enough, this is one of my foolish failures which I cannot seem to learn anything from!

Moving on, I cannot even name any more of my failures (too many to remember and way too embarrassing!) I have noticed so many others who become much stronger, almost unbreakable, after crashing down right to the bottom. This is where the quote (I know it is EVERYWHERE!) - “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” fits right in.

On the ending point, let not your failure fail you.

Thanks for reading!

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