Thursday, 28 August 2014

Liebster Award

Hi everyone,
As I have been nominated by the gorgeous Malika Chady( ,the beauty guru, for the Liesbster Award. Your questions are quite fun to answer, therefore cannot wait! Here are the rules:
So the rules for this award are:

Make sure to link back to the blogger(s) that nominated you.
Answer all of the questions provided from blogger that nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers of your choice, who have under 200 followers.
Create 11 questions of your own, for the bloggers you nominate to answer.

One goal you would like to achieve in the future?
To be a teacher, wife and mother
( can I be cheeky and count this as one-haha)

Only 3 beauty products to last you the rest of your life, what would they be?
Mac Sculpt Foundation, Pro-long concealer, Red lipstick(any)
I would die without these three, no seriously.
Heels or Trainers? And why?
Heels. Simply because I can run, conquer and kill.
The best advice you've ever been given?
Be thankful for every small things.
The joy it brings you when you realise how blessed you are.
Go to hairstyle?
At this moment, it is a high pony tail as I desperately need a haircut. Usually, wash, dry and out of the door.
Why did you start your blog?
I love writing, and inspiring others with my writing. I guess, just to bring a smile on someone's else face when they read something that brings them comforts.
Celebrity crush?
Ah. JASON STATHAM. I have a whole list but Mr Statham at this moment is the ONE.
Who is your inspiration?
I cannot say one person because at one or another point of my life, my family and friends inspired in many different ways which I am truly thankful for.
Favorite place to shop?
Vintage boutique. And every single shopping mall, please. thanks.
Where is your ideal home location?
quiet, peaceful and surrounded by nature
Favorite perfume?
At the moment, -I changed perfumes depending on seasons- DKNY red delicious but all time fav is Mademoiselle Channel.

My questions to those are nominated:
What brings a smile to your face on a gloomy day?
If you had a chance to have a sneak peek into your future, would you take it? and why?
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Kindle/Kobo or Actual books? why?
Celebrity Crush?
Favourite make up brand?
Favourite country/Island?
Your usual first thoughts upon waking up?
one word to describe yourself?
Colours or Black white? why?
funny or pretty? 

I am pretty new and slacking behind with blogging therefore I don't know many bloggers but 
I nominate:
Sanah Khan
I will tag more bloggers after wards. 

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